[How to mix cowpeas]_mix cowpeas_how to do_how to do

[How to mix cowpeas]_mix cowpeas_how to do_how to do

I ‘m sure everyone is familiar with it, especially at the dining table. Vigna is definitely one of the legumes we eat most, but when it comes to how to make it by yourself, it ‘s also important to pay attention to it.Step tips.

Method: One bean (one half a catty), 4 pieces of garlic, the right amount of salt, 2g beef powder (or chicken essence, MSG instead), and the right amount of olive oil.

A proper amount of cooked peanut kernels (you can keep it) 1, remove 2 ends of cowpea, wash and cut into small pieces.

2, 3, prepare an appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil, add cowpea, and sprinkle about 3g of salt.

And a few drops of olive oil.

Cook until cooked.

4, remove the cooked cowpea immediately, rinse under the cold water to cool thoroughly, then skim off the water.

5. Add cold boiled water over the cowpea and drain the water.

(Do this process to ensure health) 6. Spread 2g salt + 2g beef powder in cowpea.

7, then put on disposable gloves, gently scratch evenly, let it even taste.

8. Put the right amount of olive oil in the pot and smash the garlic cloves.

9. Pour garlic oil on cowpeas with heat, simmer up and down several times. After cooling, refrigerate for 2 hours before eating.

The main ingredients of method two: cowpea white sugar chicken essence garlic red pepper salt Zhenjiang vinegar spicy oil sesame oil production steps: 1, pick the two ends of cowpea and wash it and cut it into about 4 cm segments; 2. Boil a pot of water and cut the cutCowpeas are cooked in the pot, then poured out of the cold filtered water; 3, take a large container, add the cooked cowpeas that have been filtered out of water; 4, add salt, a little sugar, an appropriate amount of chicken essence, garlic and choppedSmall red pepper (not spicy, you can also add some white cooked sesame seeds); 5, an appropriate amount of Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar and mix well, then add an appropriate amount of sesame oil, add spicy oil, mix well and then serve on a plate instead.

500 grams of raw cowpea, 15 grams of dried chili, 15 grams of garlic seeds, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of monosodium glutamate, 1 gram of pepper, 10 grams of Lee Kum Kee steamed fish stew, 5 grams of shallot (chopped), and salad oil.
Method 1: After washing the cowpeas, tearing off the tendons, picking 4 cm long pieces and frying them in a 50% hot oil pan until the skin is wrinkled and cooked thoroughly, remove the oil for backup.

2. Leave the base oil in the pot, put the dried chili section, garlic seeds (chopped) to simmer with low heat, mix with fried cowpeas and various seasonings.